AKIBA;JUNKY Item Acquisition Request

Is there a specific Japanese product that your are trying to locate? Leave it to Akiba;Junky! With years of experience in the otaku swamp and domestic connections there is a good chance that we can locate what you have been searching for! You can touch base with us by filling out the AKIBA;JUNKY Item Acquisition Request form below. Please include all the requested information so that we can do a thorough check and get back to you in a timely manner. We will inform you via email of the product availability, a pricing quote, and the shipping rate to get that item in your hands!

>> We will contact you via email within 24-48 hours of your item acquisition request. In the event that you do not receive a response please double check your

contact email and please resubmit. ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓

Acquisition charge Reference guide

Acquisition charges are calculated per item in a single order. For each additional item a discounted acquisition charge will be applied. After 4 items in one order the acquisition charge will be flat per item.

  • 1st item -->   24.99

  • 2nd item -->   14.99

  • 3rd item -->     9.99

  • additional item flat rate --> 5.00

Price of items , shipping charges from Japan, & acquisition charges will all be calculated in the total invoice. Invoices will be calculated and settled in USD. Invoices for requested items will be settled and confirmed before requested items are acquired and dispatched. Holds and post-payment arrangements cannot be handled. Additional store policy details are outlined in the terms of service page.