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With Kimetsu no Yaiba: 鬼滅の刃 Demon Slayer fever still resonating, it makes you wonder why NOW and why THIS series? I mean, frankly speaking, I love seeing demons slayed just as much as the next anime junky. But for real, people in Japan and overseas are going nuts over this story of Tanjiro and his ever so concentrated breathing techniques. The latest title which is a chronological continuation of the first anime arc was aired domestically here in Japan just last month, Mugen Train 無限列車編...it broke box office records even surpassing previous mega titles like Your Name 君の名は. It makes you wonder if it was so good that even in the midst of a pandemic, people couldn't resist the urge to watch it on the big screen. The other mysterious part about this franchise is that even though the content is quite dark it has captivated both the younger and older demographics. Maybe it's the brain-washingly addictive opening by LiSa, Gurenge 紅蓮華. Man that song is so damn catchy. And not to mention that UFO TABLE really cashed in on this one. Other works like the final installment of FATE Heaven's Feel III: Spring Song were more enjoyable in my humble opinion, but didn't quite have the same reception from the general public. Perhaps too niche for the common man. To be fair though comparing those titles is like comparing ramen and gyu-don. So let's leave it at that. Here is to hoping that the film arrives overseas sooner than infinity so that all the global otaku can join in on the fun. As for me, I'll treat myself to another round of Gurenge while I enjoy this coffee and the 限定 limited edition digest book given out when watching the film 。゚(゚´∀`゚)゚