Touhou much?!


Touhou 東方 is one of those things that you stumble upon accidentally and don't really realize the magnitude until later... kind of like when you drink a lychee martini and it's so sweet that you can't notice the high alcohol content and (god knows how martinis you drank later) all that remains is the regret when you are urinating in a foggy alleyway at 2am and the steam rising triggers your previously working cognitive function and you think "wait...what did I get myself into? ...?" To all the other Touhou junkies out there, our exposure story may differ but the end addiction I suspect is closely related. I actually learned about Touhou through the doujin (fan circle) community where a lot of underground music compilations are produced. I got hooked on crossovers with Initial D Super Eurobeat tracks. It was named  "Initial T" by Crazy Beats, if memory serves correct, and I still have a lot of those songs on my daily tracklist, never gets old...for real. I highly recommend having a supercharged listen.  Even if you have never played the Touhou 弾幕 (Bullet Hell) games that originated back in the 90s executable with the Japanese only PC-98 hardware of the time, there is something about TOUHOU that many junkies can appreciate. (Side note: the PC-98 retro scene is another swamp that one can easily fall deeper and deeper into, so be weary of lurking too close! GAHAHA I know from first hand experience my dear junkies. But falling isn't always a bad thing(T▽T) ). Once you are fully submerged into the existence that is Touhou -- Whether it's the hyper catchy tunes of the original and/or remixed tracks, the maddeningly unforgiving gameplay of the core series, or maybe even the spin off titles that exist as arcade fighters. Even the unique characters themselves are so toxic with complex backstories and character development. The traditional Japanese inspired lore can go on and on in new forms of creative works. I am currently enjoying Legend in Limbo with a Hori limited edition Touhou arcade stick. (There are 2 limited versions: Reimu / Marisa -- both gems in the collection) The game itself is so satisfying and tracks give a great atmosphere to the game. Don't get me started on the feedback of the HAYABUSA buttons, it's one of those simple wonderful pleasures in life. Well enough talk, I'll leave you be... and I'll endulge myself in more satisfying clicks....( ✧﹃✧)