FGO: Just another gacha game? IS IT Time for this master to call it Quits?...


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How many times have I said this to myself. Today is the day. I've repeated this train of thought countless times to be honest....

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was with my friend in  Yokosuka, Kanagawa at a 海軍カレー(Navy style curry) shop enjoying Kankolle themed dishes where every item on the menu was named after historical Japanese fleet ships or their anthropomorphized Kanmusu 艦娘 counterparts. It was such a wonderful high to be in such a place since I was heavily invested in the DMM browser game, even though the game itself was so unforgiving. For the junkies out  there that know my pain, once your beloved kanmusu sinks, there isn't a dragonball like phenomena to rectify the situation. Sayonara Iowa‐chan...(;_;) so much regret...ahem.. back to the story. So, my good friend that was and still is a very unique character in my close circle had his eyes fixated on his screen updating some software unknown to me at the time. Of course I asked him what it was. He replied: Have you heard of FGO? 

As those words escaped his mouth, time itself must have slowed as I couldn't focus my eyes momentarily. I could only hear and feel my heart drop and pulsate in a manner similar to that of a grandfather clock striking midnight repetitively. Little did I know that something marveling Pandora's Box was opened at that instance. 

Thinking back to my university glory days, I watched and enjoyed the original Fate Stay Night but maybe the poor first attempt by a certain studio that will remain "unnamed" out of due respect (・x・) didn't leave a lasting impression on me. However knowingly or unknowingly a seed very well may have been planted in the deep reservoirs of my subconcious. More than likely through the hours and pages and fields worth of text from the original visual novel. Simply, painful enjoyment, (T▽T)

With Fate Grand Order, in many ways those fond experiences hit you in a delayed fashion like a sweet and pungent aftertaste of the Japanese pickled plum, 梅干し umeboshi. I dare say that the experience is far grander than any other smartphone game or many other games in general. I pondered about my feelings for a while and realized that this game forces every Master and junkie alike to commit. That is, commit to something more than most games ask of you. It's almost a trap if you are not careful. I'll be blunt. As an FGO junkie I can say that the in game world system is long winded, story heavy, load time heavy, painfully low summon gatcha probability, lacking an auto battle mode, and frustratingly repetitive when forced to grind and get necessary drops in story mode or with the majority of the seasonal events...

But as a reflect on the experience these past years its not what the game offers on the surface as a game but rather as an extension of your imagination, the doujin community, and all the franchise's other works. Appreciating the characters themselves and the lore, the unique sprites and beautiful artwork, the passionate yet fitting voice acting, and the concept of an unpredictable holy grail war with servant/master parameters that are so confusingly intertwined. Ever deepening disappointment over the servants that never came when you summoned them. The ecstatic momentary rush from Gilgamesh Archer finally appearing before your eyes. The ASMR like spine tingle when Mash says, 「マスター」Master with that tone... wait was that just me? (//∇//) heh heh

So, is it time to finally call it quits? To turn the final page of this fated chapter?

This master says, 「無理だ」impossible.

I decided to commit on that fated day in Yokosuka...

Whether it be a sweet or bitter heaven's feel end, I will see it through and thoroughly digest whatever I can get my junky hands on.

No regrets, right Mash? 


(*´ч ` *)