It's a cold winter but Akiba is still hot and steamy


It's a bone chilling Winter season, and even Akihabara is no safe haven from the icy fubuki winds that are piercing through my clothing...(๑º△º๑)

Some of you who may have stumbled upon the Akiba Junky swamp may wonder why all the obsession and all the commotion about this small district nestled tightly in Tokyo. I wonder how you were exposed to this sanctuary. Akihabara has a way of luring those from many walks of life. 

For me, I  first experienced Akihabara's true atmosphere through the somewhat dated yet legendary software by D3 publisher, AkibaStrip. That game, name, and premise says it all really. (≧ω≦) Roaming Akiba's streets in the oh so average 3D rendered glory, is more satisfying than it sounds. Thanks to the lively plot, vibrant characters, and the unique "equipment removal" in game system, the game is one of the special gems that leaves a lasting impression. GAHAHA!

I must say that not only is the game so worthwhile but the anime adaptation is also such an enjoyable ride that I can't recommend it enough. So, do yourself a favor and dive into both if you haven't already. 


Back to the topic at hand though, if you really haven't personally gazed at the electrifying magnificence that Akiba is,

Utilize the power of the internet and go ahead and ask google sensei to populate images of Akihabara. What are your first impressions? Most likely the rainbow like spectrum, resembling that of those juicy hi chew fruit chews in a variety pack, may catch your eye. I'd say that the architecture is very much the standard Tokyo concrete jungle set up, but nicely accented with retro and modern lighting and building colors that appear childish yet seem clearly mature in many ways. I REPEAT clearly mature in many places, so proceed with caution into the depths of Akihabara. It is a twisted rabbit hole of sorts so you need to stay well grounded, well hydrated, and control your impulses and wallet. 

Most of Tokyo can be rather cookie cutter in terms of architecture with occasional wonky designs here and there. However Akiba is one of the exceptions thanks to the seeded subculture that has been readily evolving since post war times. What I realized with my years living in the local area is that this is the place that dreams come true. Not just Disneyland my fellow junkies. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ In this place, reality may be another reality within an artificial reality...and that's okay. Akihabara may be idealistic in a  otakish‐weeb‐Japanophile's dreamer world, but its not fully bound by a single brand or marketing tactic, maybe that is why it's special. Communities of fanatic otaku, light otaku, and otaku in the making all similarly gravitate to this town. It is a place to divulge in whatever your select technical, 2D, 3D, or other fixation may be. Digging for rare treasures at the junk shops, finding specific parts for even the most high tech or obsolete gadgets, even relaxing at a lowkey (or not so lowkey (〃▽〃))maid cafe... and this is only the beginning.  An individual can rinse and repeat in the endless bliss, just like that save point that you oh so desperately needed before a boss battle. That place where you can top off your HP gauge before foolishly dashing into the following mission. That mission being, directly plunging into the underbelly of Akihabara.

For those not residing in Japan, have you ever wandered into a small shop with anime goods and Japan imported snacks? You can see brightly and chaotically dislayed items at every corner. The reality is that nobody really needs these things...right? But you somehow feel the burning desire to give in, something compelling you to buy that collector's figure, pick up the latest volume of the manga that you can't stop reading, hell why not get a bottle of ice cold ramune for the road. If that sounds in the least bit familiar it may already be too late for you my friend, or should I say it's just the beginning my junkie ( ✧Д✧) 

But fear not, that burning obsession and a steaming can of vending machine おしるこ、sweet red bean soup, is what is keeping me warm and comforted on this cold night in the Electric City.

Wherever you are right now, I hope that your moment is just as warm, steamy, and junky as I feel.