The One ISEKAI Tale to Rule Them All


The isekai 異世界 genre is probably the most satisfying genre to watch (in this junky's biased opinon) after being heavily saturated in the anime world. Not only does it immerse you in the fantastical imagination of a world outside of the regular world, but the technique of bringing the main character, which is often a very typical otaku, neet, gamer, or unproductive geek that is very much like ourselves into that world is pretty much a dream come true scenario. It's so relatable and so enjoyable to invest in.

Now you other junkies out there may agree or disagree with me but MOST isekai stories are amazing but they have one common weakness. Most of the time the main character is quite unlikeable. The story itself is amazing but the main character has so many flaws that it becomes unbelievably frustrating...I'm talking Shinji level (EVA) frustrating. Think about it for a second. What isekai titles come to mind immediately? For me let's say SAO...yeah Kirito...sure he's a good main character but wasn't he frustratingly too OP for his own good? What about Re:Zero?...yeah Subaru...I can feel for him and I'm quite jealous of the harem that he is constantly in...but man what an emotional wreck.. X_X. How about The Rising of the Shield Hero  盾の勇者の成り上がり? Now that was a fun one, great plot, such a catchy intro too! What did you think about Naofumi? I definitely could relate to him but halfway through I started to really dislike the guy...

Maybe this is the curse of being reborn in another world? What do you junkies think? Up until now, hundreds of hours later after exposing myself to ISEKAI after ISEKAI after ISEKAI...I confidently believe that one tale stands alone. If I were reborn in another world I hope that it would be in the Tempest Federation ジュラ・テンペスト連邦国. The story of a human stabbed randomly and somehow reborn as Rimuru, that loveable slime who goes from literally level zero to hero in what I would say is the most balanced ISEKAI story to date. Also the side characters like Gabiru, Gobuta, many really put a smile on my face. I can't decide who I like more, I really like all of them! 

It may just be my mentality as of know like my stage of life or something, or maybe this story is truly the writing of a genius. Rimuru is one of a kind and the surrounding story has a special special spot in the Akiba;Junky's heart.

In light of this, and to pay due respect, feast your eyes on the Harvest festival figure display of Rimuru in the Garage! I'm loving this one. ^w^